Airbnb in Lebanon

December 22, 2019

Airbnb in Lebanon is a booming trend with many tourists choosing to stay at an Airbnb specially when coming as a group or for those wanting to stay in trending neighbourhoods.

As expected, Beirut commands the biggest attention when it comes to demand with neighbourhoods such as Gemmayze, Mar Mikhael, Ashrafieh, Hamra, Verdun, Beirut Central District (Solidere), and Ras Beirut.

Beirut Suburbs also see some demand specially by second time visitors and mid-term stays and this specially applies to the northern suburbs.

Lebanese expats, residents, and longer-term travellers (staying for 7 days or more) constitute most of the demand for mountain chalets and houses in areas like Faraya, Broummana, Faqra, Deir El Qamar, with those destinations tending to be more seasonal than their Beirut counterparts.

In the last few years, properties listed on Airbnb have surged as owners discovered the potential to make increased earnings from their vacant properties or their spare rooms especially with the opening up of multiple new airline routes from air carriers such as Transavia, Ryanair, Germania, and so on.

In more recent months, the current protests and economic upheaval have put a dent in the demand for short-term rentals due to a decrease in incoming tourists. Hotels for example have seen more than 50% cancellations in their bookings. However based on similar events in other countries such as Greece for example, it is expected that in the following months the demand will surge again as the lower prices drive increased traveller numbers.

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