Own a Property in Cyprus?

Earn monthly checks by letting us professionally rent it to travelers while you’re away.


Earn Monthly Checks

Make money from your property while you’re away via check, bank transfer, or western union in your country of residence or abroad.

5-Star Hotel Maintenance

Proper maintenance keeps your property in a 5-star hotel-like condition.

Always Sale Ready

Reclaim your property at any time within 3 months if you decide to sell it.

Hassle Free Management

We actively & professionally manage everything hassle-free while you’re away.

Keep Your Home

Convenient usage of your property anytime you or your family are visiting.

All Contents Insured

Peace-of-mind knowing that your furniture or belongings are safe and insured up to $1M.

Transparent Reporting

In addition to being able to reach us at any time, you also receive from us a monthly email report containing all the details you want to know.

How We Do It

Multi-Channel Listings

Listing of your property on Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO, HomeAway & dozens of other short-term rental channels.

Professional Photography

Our photographer will stage your house and create and edit 15-20 photos using the standard specifications and state-of-the-art equipment including external light sources, wide-angle lenses, and props.

House Manual

Creation of a house manual for each listing with answers to most common questions including hot water instructions, appliances usage instructions, and where to find basic needs.


When necessary our team will manage the fit-out of your property including paint, appliances, installation of necessary amenities, and final retouching.


Receive your monthly dues either through checks, bank account transfer, or Western Union in your country of residence or country of origin.

24/7 Check-in & Key Exchange

We take care of welcoming guests, day or night, letting them into your property, and revoking access after they leave.

Linen & Laundry

We take care of changing bed sheets between guest bookings and doing all associated laundry and drying including carefully scrubbing away any marks.


Sub-par cleaning is the number 1 factor preventing a potential guest from booking. This is why our team ensures your flat is sparkling-clean before and after each stay.


We ensure the stocking of an adequate amount of toilet paper, washing liquid, and other perishables for each guest in addition to basic food items such as oils and condiments proven to boost guest happiness.

Basic Maintenance

We promptly resolve any internal maintenance issue such as anything related to lighting, plumbing, and furniture.

Listing Updates

We update listings frequently as the condition of the property changes and as new requirements and opportunities arise on different booking channel.

Search Optimisation

To be booked, your property first needs to be found. That’s why we give your property maximum visibility by fine-tuning up-to 60 various factors based on the latest research and setting your property up to take advantage of complimentary advertising.

Daily Pricing

The price of each listing is optimised daily to maximize revenue based on proprietary pricing strategies and data.

Utility Bill Savings

Saving on electricity and water bills along with doing well by the environment through energy savings and recycling when possible

Price Negotiation

We grow revenue by negotiating specific rates with guests for long-term bookings or extensions.

Repeat Bookings

We keep in touch with former guests to be their first choice when they come back .

Transparent Monthly Reporting

At the end of every month, you receive a personalized report that includes the number of occupied nights, average booking price, and the number of booked guests.

Convenient Money Transfer

Receive your monthly dues either through checks, bank account transfer, or Western Union in your country of residence or country of origin.

Live Calls

Chats to answer your questions or discuss with you suggestions.

Guest Messaging

Communication with guests with an average of 9 personalized messages per booking before, during, and after their stay with a 1-minute initial response-time and sub-30 minute response-time thereafter.

Guest Services

We help with all of a guest’s needs during their stay including airport transfers, local recommendations, service provider referrals for a great ultimate experience.

Issue Resolution

Pro-active identification of any issue and immediate resolution for full customer satisfaction.

$1M Property Insurance

We process claims up for up to $1,000,000 in coverage for any damage to the property or its contents by a guest underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, and Zurich Insurance plc.

Guest Pre-Vetting

We do a background check on each incoming individual based on their guest history, verified social media profiles, and government ID availability.

Pre-emptive Safety

We prevent problems before they occur through careful messaging as well as preventing bookings from problematic individuals.


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David Haddad

David started his short-term rental activities in 2009 in San Francisco, since then he's been managing properties in Dubai and Lebanon.

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